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Rector's Reflection

July 26, 2017

It hardly seems possible that the month of July is nearly over.  August begins next week – and our homecoming service at Wickliffe is only a few weeks away (August 13th).  I feel like Labor Day is going to be here before we know it!

 I hope that everyone is enjoying the “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer” as much as we are at our house!  We’ve appreciated the slower pace and the chance to read, to explore, to recuperate, and to relax with our grandkids.  Summer is often a time for travel and gatherings.  Our weekly Sunday attendance has been lower than it is during the academic year, as folks are taking advantage of the more relaxed schedule to go exploring!

 I have two words of encouragement for the summer.  First, if you are traveling, I’d like to invite you to attend church in the place where you are.  You might choose to attend an Episcopal Church, or you might like to experience something very different from our worship.  Whenever David and I travel we TRY to make it to church in that local community.  I’ve attended Mass at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, Evensong at Westminster Abbey in London, and worshiped in tiny country churches in Nova Scotia and New Zealand.  We even got to have coffee with the wife of the Bishop of Aberdeen in Scotland following Sunday worship at the cathedral there.

 If you do visit a church in a far off (or even semi-far off!) place, bring back a bulletin from the place you’ve visited, Robin and I will add it to the “Oh the Places We’ve Been” bulletin board in the Parish Hall!  Of course, there are times when the schedule doesn’t allow for worship. One disappointing Sunday, we arrived at the church only to discover that they’d changed the worship times and we’d missed church!

 My second word of encouragement has to do with our parish finances.  During summer and other times of travel, our income starts to take a dip.  If you are currently pledging, please check to see if your pledge is up to date.  At Grace Church, Bette is preparing year-to-date giving statements for the first seven months of the year.  We find it easiest, at our house, to pay our pledge using online bill paying.  The bank sends our check directly to Grace and to St. Mary’s once per month – whether we are there are not.  If you are not someone who pledges, please consider making an extra gift to the church so that our finances don’t struggle too much during the remainder of the year.

 Whatever this summer is like for you, I hope that it’s enjoyable.  I hope that you are having some time for rest and renewal and some time to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.

 With every blessing,

 Rev. Fran